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, from trees down to nearly 70 miles per hour wind gusts across baltimore city. we're going to show you more storms on the radar coming up in just a little bit. >> listen, unless it's served with wine and prime rib, living by candle light is miserable and some of you have been in the dark since 11:15 friday night and cheryl conner is live where people flip the switch and get nothing. >> reporter: that's right. we have seen the problems all weekend long and of course there are power outages across the entire baltimore area, we're standing in the heart of it, northwest baltimore, and i want to show you what we've been looking at throughout the weekend. there are dark traffic lights and drivers who think, we don't have to stop. so many impatient people. this has been an issue for 48 hours now with these traffic lights out and also a tree blocking the road, it's likely to be an issue heading into the monday morning commute. let's face it sweating it out with no air-conditioning is tough on everyone, trying to sleep, forget about it and then the waisted food, chicken, pizza french are fries
scale prostitution bust involving a baltimore city firefighter. >>> we have free parking. >> tonight we reveal load of free byes to get your road trip on a budget. abc 2 news aat 11:00 starts right now. >> we will take aa look over at the key bridge. a few rain clouds popping up early in the day, even had showers in the area this evening. so the big question is it still raining? meteorologist way cat joins us now with a look at what's going on. i see a little spotty action on the radar behind you. >> spotty showers beginning to fizzle out but it was rain that's welcome. we are still several inches behind where we should be rain fall wise. so showers diminishing now, yes but we had descent ones early. clouds holding tough. the main weather continues to be if states to the south, carolina down through georgia, tons of rain and thunderstorm action tonight here. pretty quiet with temperatures around 80 still. so it is a warm, humid evening. into the 80s some spots could hit 90. you want to know the temperature hour by hour right where you live you can find it, down load the weather an ask f
and talk about storms in the mix. >> thank you. new, a shocking case of animal cruelty in baltimore city. a dog down to bare skin and bones left for dead in a trash can. the dog did live. we have more on this disturbing story. >> reporter: that dog is about five, a pit bull. the care takers at the shelter say he should weigh about 50 pounds, he weighs 28. still he appears to be recovering about as well as can be expected. they named him thor after he was brought into the shelter this past monday. the officer called out to the 1700 block of coo le's street for a report of a stray dog. >> it was unclear where the dog was. so the officer went to the area and was looking for it and found it in the trash can. >> reporter: a trash can behind one of the row homes on the block. the dog was weak and near death. you can see his spine and ribs coming out. there are also pressure sores apparently from sitting in a confined space for long periods of time. this is severe abuse and neglect to have done something like this. >> reporter: now hillary said she will be his foster owner. >> just a strong l
in baltimore county and baltimore city. bge still has out of town crews helping repair the damage. they say the majority are out of the homes and not big sections of the neighborhood. if you or a loved one are still without power you should contact bge. right now the call center is staffed 24 hours a day. you can contact them through the website and you can get in touch with them by twitter and facebook as well. >>> like we just said many are just a few houses on the street here or there while the rest of the neighborhood has power. we found one of those outages in a home where power is the only way for the people there to get to bed. tony talked to a woman named judi about why she has been sleeping on the couch in the past week. >> reporter: you have everything. >> christian has something to statement. >> is the camera work something. >> reporter: and hopes the power company is listening. >> i need to talk to you. >> reporter: they had to sit outside tonight to beat the heat inside. >> i'm -- if she gets to hot. she may go into seizures. >> reporter: she has cp and walks with two canes
. >> there needs to be art and music in every school in baltimore city. not only that, everybody doesn't have a space to do this after school thing and -- the doors need to stay hope in the school schools. >> not every school is open late and many don't have art or music as a regular part of the day. some have limited classes, others have nonef. you can draw like this, being creative is a big deal. >> art is anything that expresses just who you are, what do you do. anything. everything. they need more but ain't have it. >> reporter: programs like this fill the art gap that many schools can't fill because of funding. money from gamblelling is supposed to help as the state thinks about what to do with it in maryland people here want good art and creative kids. you need to start by growing creatist. >> social studies, art, just -- more field trips when i was going to school i went on trips. you know places. to learn more. more things, just engage them more. give them a life as far as more experience. >> reporter: if you really want to see what the art dear sir do to children and what helps th
boyfriend. >> reporter: and on that december day in 2005, the day her daughter a baltimore city police officer was murdered bernice johnson became the member of a club no parent wants to join. >> some days are and some not. >> reporter: on the days they struggle they have others here to support them. they're parts of mothers of murdered sons and daughters. >> it's a shame that this organization is growing by leaps and bounds, not something we're particularly proud of but it was necessary to do to help parents with this pain. >> reporter: to cope they hold this annual cookout and memorial. they honor those lost and we can those come to join their ranks. >> we want to turn it into something positive and that's what our goal is. >> reporter: they meet up like this to support each other and hit the community to spread a message of antiviolence using the tragic stories of their own children hoping the message hits home enough to keep someone else's child from meeting the same fate. >> this murder, this violence has to stop. >> reporter: the members of moms also make it a priority to be ther
. >> reporter: it's the job of the baltimore city health department to make sure food served here is safe. when they come on a sunday morning they check food temperatures and hand washing stations and considering the food are you about to eat is cooked underneath an overpass they make sure that every vendor has a cover to keep anything falling from the bridge landing in your food, a lack of cover isn't all we found. there are plenty of violations in this latest round of inspections, nine of the 12 venters checked had at least one critical violation. they found food like meat out of temperature, which could make you sick. equipment and food stored on the ground where anything could get at it, and one stand was briefly closed because the cook didn't have anywhere to wash their hands while prepping your meal. >> i think the germs were good for you. >> reporter: the health department doesn't so they are supposed to get a detailed inspection a year. though only monitoring inspections show up in the records for the market in 2010 and 2011 vendors got their first check in three years just five days a
september 4th. no comment tonight from his office. >>> police in baltimore city are trying to find a man that's wanted for murderment they say he hangs around in the bell air edison area. stern, 23 years old, police suspect him in a murder that happened on west avenue at the end of may. if you know where he is you are asked to call 911. >>> tonight the people charged in the st. patrick's day attack in baltimore pled guilty. the attack on a virginia tourist was caught on tape. -- sentenced to three years in prisonnen, he will serve one and two other suspects were sentenced to time served and probation. a fourth suspect baldwin faces three years in jail. >>> new details to night about the death of those three boys on the east shore this weekend. friends and family say they were last seen playing basketball. they were reported missing saturday night. neighbors and police looked all night and the boys were eventually found dead on the banks of creek sunday morning. 12-year-old cotton and 11-year- old christopher gabrielle along with six-year-old -- >> imagine you have your son yesterday play
power at this hour. most of them are in baltimore county and also baltimore city. >>> breaking news into the abc2 newsroom. police tell us a child was found unresponsive in a brooklyn park pool. they received a 9 11 call about an hour ago for reports of a child who had possibly drowned. the child was taken to harbor hospital with serious and life- threatening injuries. police are still investigating where the -- and we will update you when we learn something new about this. >>> new tonight city police are celebrating a big bust in a south baltimore. it happened yesterday. see the stuff behind me is what they seeed. a traffic stop and word on the street helped to track down the guy charles wilson. a suspected drug dealer. he will be charged with weapon possession and trafficking and this is why. they found all this in his house. more than 11,000 dollars, a police radio scanner and police rain jacket and weapons and three dirt bikes and drugs. >>> this may be worse than having your lights go off a brush fire in queen anne's county in a wheat field. firefighters decided to let it burn
the next few hours. right now baltimore county, city city, carol county, and montgomery as well as the district and this is through 1:00 a.m. friday morning. you can give the district let's take a quick look out there and see if we can see any of those lightning flashes in. indeed, we do. those are those live lightning flashes out over capital, thunder and lightning all over the place, speaking of around baltimore give you a time lapse through the evening here. show you the storms as they begin s set tonight. evening, these storms different, much more of a flooding type with prolonged heavy rain that's what z÷%e've  in obell ]céçair. you see the streets still wet baltimore dilution of rain at times it's still coming down. we i÷nfhave significant (Ñluflo earlier tonight. likely to continue to see more degrees at the airport, 100% humidity. a lot of moisture in the air to Ñ)ñfuel these hylks we've got 100% humidity it could be some fog in tough spots to see. it's always tough hylkto see he rain downpours, total measure of moisture in the area almost like golf coast. stil
. the virginia beach area drifting northeast. could clip ocean city for most of the baltimore area at least. just a couple of spotty showers, the weather through the day as the rain came in. frederick showers on and off. kind of a cloudy cool day. that is unusual. that word cool. we haven't used that much over the last couple months. still a busy night on the bay bridge. rain pelting our camera downtown just about all night. wave after wave of those showers. this was the type of rain that we like to see when we have a half a foot deficit for the summer for the year. soaking rains, not to much. that's what we like to see. ly say this. it's an interesting -- have a more impressive one. right now current conditions, 69 degrees at the airport and winds east-northeast at 15- milance hour. the northeasterly flow making a difference weather wise. temperatures in the upper 60's to low 60s. highs today were held back with the cloud cover. with the rain cooling, the rain -- just evaporates, cools the air and the upper 70's downtown. you compare that to just two to three dry days ago that's a solid 35-degre
. he is being held at jail. >>> continuing coverage, baltimore woman who was shot in the neck but survive has new returned to the city to continue her recovery. we first introduced you to her last month. tonight christian is here with the new efforts to try to help her and her family. >> reporter: she is making progress but her injury was severe. the bullet left her paralyzed from the neck down. friends and family are doing what they can to support her. the mother of three was shot the day before mother's day along northern parkway not far if home. we spoke with her last month while she was on a ventilator in washington. she was unable to speak but still. >> smile a lot. she has that pretty smile. everybody love her. >> reporter: since that interview there has been progress. she has been moved here in northwest baltimore. much closer to her home and family is and is off the vent making easier to talk but the cost is mounting. the owners of the living well center have planned a fund raiser for this sun. >> put yourself this family's shoes. what would happen if it was you or y
baltimore, squad 11 and truck 15 were supposed to close on sunday but then the storm hit and the city ordered them to stay in business through thursday. now they will be open even longer, today the city extended their stay until next monday, july the 9th. during this storm clean up we have been very careful to warn you about avoiding downed power lines. people don't usually survive touching them but one person did. tonight he is talking to us. we have the story you will only see here on abc2. >> reporter: this is -- completely the part that's killing me. considering what he has been through the 19-year-old has very few complaints. >> i'm lucky i'm alive. >> reporter: the 19-year-old could have been killed in a freak accident following friday's storm. >> once i woke up i was like what did i just hit? >> reporter: it was a fully active power pole and it's wires which as a result of the storm he said were strung waist high like a fence across this field. while walking in the dark he hit them, dead on. >> i got knocked backwards, my hat flew off my head and from that point they said i
to the day in laurel. in ocean city we had cloudy skies and then a good finish tonight. you can almost see the humidity in the air down at the beach. that is a humid looking night and here in baltimore continues to be a muggy night as well. earlier this afternoon if you weren't watching, many a chance to go to the hartford county farm fair and talk to these guys. the stars and the producers of america's newest game show on abc2 coming this september talking about let's ask america. if you want to be on the show, head to let's ask you can end up here on abc2 later into the fall season. the fall would sound good right now. 80 degrees with the humidity pushing 80%. that is a recipe for a muggy night. the radar now not a lot happening here. conditions pretty clear, few source earlier down in southern maryland and moved off to the east. moisture continues to be very high across the state. high humidity. ocean city, dew point of 79, 80 to 82 about as high as it can get. we are pushing amazon river style humidity right now. to get with the air temperatures in the mid80's it'll continu
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14